Michelle Murray 103Why …Choose Me as your B2B Copywriter…

Unlike most copywriters, I have nearly 20 years of experience in B2B technical solutions. Among copywriters, I’m one of the few—perhaps the only one— who has consulted, designed, implemented, marketed, and sold complex technology solutions and services to medium-sized and Fortune 500 companies.

During my career, I’ve successfully maneuvered through complex sales, so I know how to reach the decision maker, uncover the buying criteria, and close the sale through committee. As a result, I have worked closely with many well-known customers – American Express, Weather Channel, Campbell Soup, Ryder, and Dell just to name a few …

This gives me a unique advantage in understanding both the seller’s and buyer’s points-of-view—even when multiple buyers are involved in the decision making process.

What I Can Do For You …

 Since 2007, I’ve studied, applied, and tested proven direct response copywriting strategies, so I can write potently compelling copy for landing pages, websites, ads, emails, articles, white papers, case studies, reports, and sales letters to drive more clicks, leads, and sales—ultimately generating higher revenue online and offline.

You’ll find that I will convey your complex technical solution simply and persuasively, while skillfully revealing your solution’s benefits, as the ultimate choice — inside your prospect’s mind.

Naturally, as we work together, you’ll notice more leads and more sales from the results of my work.

So… whether you’re a successful online marketer who wants to boost your Internet sales… or a small business owner looking to generate more leads… or an established Fortune 500 corporation striving to increase market sharecontact me at Michelle@OnTargetWriter.com and let’s get started today!


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